7 Ways Men Can Bless Their Wives

I was recently able to contribute to the book 15 Things Seminary Couldn’t Teach Me. There are many things I learned in life instead of Seminary.

So, I wanted to share from my chapter, “How to Shepherd My Wife,” seven ways that us men can bless our wives.

  1. Be a spiritual leader: Take the initiative in cultivating a spiritual environment for your family.
  2. Give your wife affirmation and appreciation: Praise her personal attributes and qualities.
  3. Show personal affection (romance): Tell her how much you care for her with a steady flow of words, cards, flowers, gifts, and common courtesies.
  4. Initiate intimate conversation: Listen to her thoughts (her heart).
  5. Always be honest and open: Lead her to trust you and feel secure (Prov. 15:22-23)
  6. Provide support and stability: Prove and protect, and resist feeling sorry for yourself when things get tough
  7. Demonstrate faithful commitment: Commit time and energy to the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of your children.

I encourage you to read the book (especially if you are in seminary) so that you can serve your Lord, family, and church well.