Unknown or Overlooked Missionaries

Do you know any unknown or overlooked missionaries that the Church would benefit from knowing about? Please let me know by putting their name in this google form. Blessings!

More on Preaching Christ in Daniel

Last Thursday, I posted about my lecture on how to preach Christ in Daniel. I thought it might also be helpful to promote the other lectures in that series, which I know will benefit you. Below are Jim Shaddix’s lecture “Preaching Daniel” and Jerry Lassetter’s lecture “Interpretive Issues in Daniel.”      

Welcome (back) to SEBTS!

Although I am not speaking at the initial chapel this year, I want to welcome both returning and new students to the Spring 2019 semester at SEBTS. We are glad you are here, and it is my prayer you will have a wonderful and profitable semester. As you work diligently throughout the semester, may our... Read More

All of My Missionary Sermons

I love missionaries. I love reading missionary biographies. And I love preaching missionary sermons. By combining expository preaching with the story of a missionary, we are able to give a tangible, God-glorifying picture of what it means to believe and live out the teachings of Scripture. Below are all of the sermons, in alphabetical order,... Read More