Engaging Exposition Akin, Daniel L., ed. Engaging Exposition. In the homiletics field, a text has been needed that blends hermeneutics, sermon development, and sermon delivery. Engaging Exposition fills that gap with what its experienced authors call a “3-D approach” to preaching.
Theology for the Church Akin, Daniel L., ed. A Theology for the Church. What does Scripture say? What has the church believed? How do various doctrines fit together? What impact do they have on today’s church? Addressing these crucial questions, Daniel Akin, Albert Mohler, Paige Patterson, and other leading Baptist thinkers examine revelation, God, humanity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and the last things.
Wen Who Changed the World Akin, Daniel L. 10 Who Changed the World. Nashville: B&H Books, 2012. Dr. Akin provides a powerful tribute to the transformational work done by some truly inspiring Christian missionaries. With each profile, he journeys into the heart of that gospel servant’s mission-minded story and makes a compelling connection to a relavent biblical text.
Text-Driven Preaching Akin, Daniel L., David L. Allen, and Ned Mathews, eds. Text-Driven Preaching: God’s Word at the Heart of Every Sermon. Nashville: B&H Academic, 2010. Featuring essays by Dr. Akin, Paige Patterson, David Alan Black, Jerry Vines, Hershael York, David L. Allen, Bill Bennett, Ned L. Mathews, Robert Vogel, and Jim Shaddix, Text-Driven Preaching urging pastors to commit to presenting true expository preaching from the pulpit. Concerned over what some church leaders even consider to be expository preaching today, they agree, “This book rests firmly on the biblical and theological foundation for exposition: God has spoken.”
Discovering the Biblical Jesus Akin, Daniel L. Discovering the Biblical Jesus. Nashville: LifeWay Press. Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Today in our postmodern, pluralistic culture this “Jesus question” “who He is, what He did and what we believe about Him” can be quite controversial. This six-chapter study responds to modern-day skepticism with timeless biblical affirmations.
God on Sex Akin, Daniel L. God on Sex: The Creator’s Ideas about Love, Intimacy and Marriage. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers. God says quite a bit about sex in His Word. As the Creator of sex, God understands this good gift, and He has imparted to us His plan for enjoying great sex. This book provides a verse-by-verse treatment of God’s design, intention and blessings for this vital dimension of life while examining popular misconceptions about marriage and sex.
John's Letters Akin, Daniel L. John’s Letters: How to Grow in Loving God. Nashville, LifeWay Press. This 2007 January Bible Study for adults, written by Akin, encourages continual growth in the Christian life. John’s letters emphasize the person and work of Jesus, the marks of true Christian behavior and the believer’s assurance of God’s love in Christ and encourage believers to grow, becoming more effective evangelists, disciples and ministers in their daily lives.
The New American Commentary: 1, 2, 3 John Akin, Daniel L. The New American Commentary: 1, 2, 3 John. Nashville, Broadman & Holman Publishers. Ministers wishing to understand and expound the Scriptures find aid in The New American Commentary. Akin provides an exegetical and theological exposition on 1, 2 and 3 John in this commentary. In his words, “To know the Savior and love the saints captures well the emphasis of the letters of John.”
Those Who Must Give an Account Ashford, Bruce Riley and Danny Akin. “The Missional Implications of Church Membership and Church Discipline.” In Those Who Must Give an Account: A Study of Church Membership and Church Discipline, edited by John S. Hammett and Benjamin L. Merkle, 189-203. Nashville: B&H Academic, 2012. Akin and Ashford connect the practices of church membership and church discipline to the mission of the church, noting that taking these practices seriously helps create a people that is genuinely transformed by the gospel. Thus, the regenerate church is able to reflect Christ to the world and work to fulfill the Great Commission.
Perspectives on Church Government Akin, Daniel L., James Leo Garrett, Jr., et. al. Perspectives on Church Government: Five Views of Church Polity. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers. This book provides descriptions of five types of church government. Each one is written by someone with that particular view. These aspects include: single elder-led, presbytery-led, congregation-led, bishop-led and plural elder-led.
Old Testament Commentary: Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs Moore, David George, and Daniel L. Akin. Holman Old Testament Commentary: Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs. Nashville: Holman Reference. Many pastors find their duties do not always leave them as much time for in-depth study as they would like. Moore and Akin contribute to this easy-to-use, quick reference commentary. No other reference gets to the heart of the Old Testament as efficiently as The Holman Old Testament Commentary.
Five Who Changed the World Akin, Daniel L. Five Who Changed the World is a compelling book by Daniel Akin that walks believers through five key texts of Scripture, illustrating the truths contained therein by sharing the biographies of five missionaries who changed the world through their dedication to the Great Commission. You will meet and learn from the lives of William Carey, Adoniram Judson, Lottie Moon, Bill Wallace, and Jim Elliot.If you would like to order a copy of “Five Who Changed the World,” please call 919-761-2270. Bulk rates are available.
Vibrant Church Rainer, Thom S., and Daniel L. Akin. Vibrant Church: Becoming a Healthy Church in the 21st Century is the 2009 Baptist Doctrine study. Written with Dr. Thom Rainer, Vibrant Church is a study of one of the most important doctrines of the Bible and one of the most crucial topics in Christianity today: the doctrine of ecclesiology, or the study of church. The nature of a biblical, New Testament church is a discussion that devoted followers of the Lord Jesus cannot ignore. This book seeks to answer the question: what characterizes a healthy and vibrant church?
Evangelicals Engaging Emergent William Henard and Adam Greenway eds., Evangelicals Engaging Emergent, Nashville: Broadman & Holman. While plenty of books related to the conversations as well as controversies surrounding the emergent church have surfaced in recent years, no comprehensive evangelical assessment of the movement has been published until now. Evangelicals Engaging Emergent draws from a broad spectrum of conservative evangelicalism to serve as a clear, informative, fair, and respectful guide for those desiring to know what “emergent” means. Dr. Akin contributed the chapter entitled, “The Emerging Church and Ethical Choices: The Corinthian Matrix”
Southern Baptist Identity “A Future-Directed Proposal for the SBC” in Southern Baptist Identity. David S. Dockery, ed. (Wheaton: Crossway, 2009). Major SBC spokesmen address key issues of theology, polity, and practice to help readers respond to the most significant challenges within evangelicalism. The challenges of increasing fragmentation, theological controversy, and sweeping cultural change have caused leaders and members to ask: What does it mean to be a Southern Baptist in the twenty-first century? How can a fresh consensus be established from within? What are the core biblical convictions that must be upheld and the key practices that must be sustained to reach the lost in this age of cultural accommodation? These essays address these important issues and themes from several perspectives.
Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue “Answering the Call to a Great Commission Resurgence,” in Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue, E. Ray Clendenen and Brad J. Waggoner, eds. This book brings together new presentations from noted Southern Baptists including Daniel Akin, Tom Ascol, David Dockery, Charles Lawless, and Ed Stetzer that address misperceptions, stereotypes, and caricatures of the debate over Reformed theology. Each strives to speak the truth in love and humility while seeking clarity in the presentation of the Gospel, improving the health of our churches, and seeking the kingdom of Christ above all. Dr. Akin contributed the chapter on ‘Answering the Call to a Great Commission Resurgence.'”
The Mission of Today's Church Norman, R. Stanton. The Mission of Today’s Church: Baptist Leaders Look at Modern Faith Issues. Nashville: B&H Academic. Twelve of today’s influential Baptist leaders are joint authors of this book. The Mission of Today’s Church examines such topics as worship, the Lord’s Supper, the church’s mission in the black community, sharing the Gospel with children, congregational polity, cooperation among Southern Baptist churches and the sovereignty of God.
BFM book Douglas Blount and Joseph Wooddell, eds. Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Since its inception, controversy has surrounded the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, Southern Baptists’ most recent confession of faith. The present volume consists of essays by Baptist scholars explaining and defending that document. Each of the 18 articles of the BF&M 2000 is addressed, with special attention to the most critical issues and changes from the denomination’s 1963 confession. Dr. Akin contributed a chapter on “God’s Purpose of Grace.”
The Meaning of Baptism “The Meaning of Baptism,” in Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches, Thomas White, Jason G. Duesing and Malcolm B. Yarnell III, eds. What events and trends have challenged Baptist churches’ integrity for the sake of growth? How can the local church address this drift and regain its theological purity? How can the church address the challenges present by modern culture? Leading Baptist thinkers address these issues in Restoring Integrity in Baptist Churches. Dr. Akin wrote the chapter on “The Meaning of Baptism.”