‘Facing a Task Unfinished’ with the Gettys

I am a big fan of the gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, church-serving music that Keith and Kristyn Getty have been putting out for our generation. And I am just as much a fan of their heart for Christ to be exalted in all nations! So, it’s no surprise that I am excited about this new project they are working on: “Facing the Task Unfinished.”

They, along with the missions organization OMF International, are inviting churches from all over the world to sing this old (but newly reworked) hymn in their local churches on February 21, 2016. The desire is “to introduce this missions hymn to a new generation with the prayer it will be an anthem for rising up to face the unfinished task and going to all the world to proclaim salvation in Jesus’ name.” Below is the first stanza:

Facing a task unfinished
That drives us to our knees
A need that, undiminished
Rebukes our slothful ease
We, who rejoice to know Thee
Renew before Thy throne
The solemn pledge we owe Thee
To go and make Thee known

If you’re interested in leading your church to join in, check out their website for the lyrics, music, and other details.

One of the things we love most here at Southeastern Seminary is thinking and talking about the Great Commission. In fact, we’re about to spend two days doing that very thing at our GO Conference! But the Great Commission isn’t for just one weekend in one place. It’s for all Christians, everywhere, all the time! So join us on February 21st as we sing and ask King Jesus to save his people from every tribe and language and people and nation (Rev. 5:9)!