God, Fly Fishing, and Nature

A new book is soon to be out by Jacob Taggart called Theology from Spring: Reflections of the Creator Cast in Nature. What’s interesting about Taggart’s book is that he uses observations from nature and fly fishing to teach about God in a fresh way.

His observation-based teaching has parallels in the book of Proverbs. For example, Proverbs 6:6-9 says,

Go to the ant, you slacker!
Observe its ways and become wise.
7 Without leader, administrator, or ruler,
8 it prepares its provisions in summer;
it gathers its food during harvest.

A paragraph from the third chapter of Taggart’s book illustrates well how it is similar to the proverb above:

The real treasure I had sought was now uncovered. Surrendered in the net was a marvel of nature, a creature designed with an unfathomable precision matched only by its exquisite coloration. The green top of the fish took on a forest hue that conjures the lushest of vegetable gardens. The color gradually transitioned to the middle of the fish, where its jaw-dropping beauty was on full display. True to its name, the fish glowed like scarlet plasma had been spread across its body. The ruby color looked all the more pronounced this time of year as the males become more vibrant in appearance to attract a mate. Glistening in the morning sun, this sight was the treasure I had come seeking. This was my witnessing of perfection. However, as perfect as this rainbow trout was, it spoke all the more about the perfection of its Designer (Taggart, 86).

This book is well suited for fly fishing aficionados or those who simply enjoy reading about nature. I hope all who read it will begin to see how great our King, Jesus Christ, is and how all of creation declares his glory.