God Knows What He is Doing Beautifully Exemplified in the life of Sarah Hall Boardman Judson — Psalm 138:1-8

This sermon continues the sermon series through Psalms.

In Psalm 138, we learn that we can give thanks to our great Lord because he knows the humble, will keep his promises, and will complete his purpose in our lives.

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It is my ardent desire … that the glorious work of reformation may extend till every knee shall bow to the living God. For this expected, this promised era, let us pray earnestly, unceasingly, and with faith. How can I be so inactive, when I know that thousands are perishing in this land of grace; and

millions in other lands are at this very moment kneeling before senseless


— Sarah Hall Boardman Judson (Arabella Stuart, Lives of the Three Mrs. Judsons, 135)