New Edition: Building A Theological Library 2019

Warren Wiersbe once said,

My books are my tools, and I use them. I cannot afford to be a book collector; neither the budget nor the diminishing shelf space … permits such a luxury … I enjoy my library. Each book is a friend that converses with and teaches me. Better to have a fewer of the best books than to clutter your shelve with volumes that cannot serve you well. Above all, love your books, use them, and dedicate all you learn to the service of Jesus Christ. (A Basic Library for Bible Students, 7-8)

To aid the goal Wiersbe speaks about, we have published Building a Theological Library. It is a small booklet with resources on various topics on the Bible and the Christian faith that I recommend using to begin your studies.

As good books continue to appear, we strive every few years to update the booklet, keeping the list small enough so that it’s accessible but large enough so that it’s helpful.

In addition to other changes, the new edition features

  • 100+ new books
  • Updated editions of previously recommended books
  • Spanish resources — I am thankful to my friend and colleague Dr. Miguel Echevarria for assisting with this portion.

I hope this little booklet continues to serve you well as you strive better to know and teach about our King Jesus.

We regularly give away the physical booklets, but you can also access the content online here