Are You Being Judgmental?

How can those of us who have been redeemed from all of our sins by the precious blood of Christ rightly make judgments without wrongly being judgmental? Let me share some thoughts for our consideration:

  1. Check your motives. Why am I doing this?  Have I checked my heart knowing that ultimately only God knows the motives and intentions of the heart (Prov. 16:2; 1 Cor. 4:3-5)?
  2. Examine your own walk with the Lord first. Am I walking in the Spirit, characterized by a gentle spirit, careful to monitor my own sin (Gal. 6:1-2)?
  3. Seek out before acting the wisdom of God’s word and godly counsel (Prov. 10:13, 10:14, 11:14; 15:22).
  4. Practice the “Golden Rule.” Think about how you would want to be treated if it was you on the receiving end of correction (Matt. 7:12).
  5. Be careful to not make a snap decision or quick judgment. Take the time to get the facts and listen before taking action (Prov. 18:13).
  6. Pray for the one who appears to be caught in sin before correcting them (James 5:15-16).
  7. Don’t forget the example of Jesus and how He helped and ministered to sinners. Jesus was condemned and ridiculed for the way He cared for and loved sinners, tax collectors, pagans and the woman caught in adultery (John 7:53-8:11).
  8. Speak the truth, but do it in love (Eph. 4:15).