Reflecting on When a Child Says #IAmGoing

As we enter the heat of summer, many Christians are choosing to use their vacation time to go to the mission field for the opportunity to make famous the name of our King around the world. This is one of the glorious sacrifices we see often around Southeastern Seminary as we trumpet the mantra “#iamgoing” and see many actually doing it!

Recently one family in our seminary community said goodbye to their oldest child for a summer of mission work in Canada. Both Mom and Dad took the time afterward to sit down and reflect on the sending off of a child who said “yes” to God’s call to go. Check out each of their articles below, and see how they each think through this exciting and sobering moment as both parents and followers of Jesus.

Scott Hildreth, “When You are the One Who Does Not Go”

Lesley Hildreth, “Because He Came, She Goes”