The Incomparable Word of God — Psalm 119:1–176

How do you preach the longest chapter of the Bible in one sermon? (And how do you do it without preaching so long that everyone falls asleep!?) Here is my recent sermon on the entire chapter of Psalm 119, which shows us how incomparable the Word of God is.

I make 22 points, following the 22 stanzas in the psalm.



  • Stanza 1 (Aleph): Those who walk in the law of the Lord are blameless and blessed (119:1-8).
  • Stanza 2 (Beth): Those who treasure God’s Word in their heart will live a life that pleases the LORD (119:9-16).
  • Stanza 3 (Gimel): Those who look carefully into the Word of God will see wonderful things (119:17-24).
  • Stanza 4 (Daleth): Those who are experiencing troubles will fine life and strength in the Word of God (119:25-32).
  • Stanza 5 (He): Those who allow the Lord to teach them His Word will obey, will live well, and will finish well (119:33-40).
  • Stanza 6 (Waw): Those who rest in the Lord’s faithful love and keep his law will be ready to answer those who challenge them (119:41-48).
  • Stanza 7 (Zayin): Those who remember God’s Word will be comforted by it (119:49-56).
  • Stanza 8 (Heth): Those who run after the LORD will befriend all who also fear Him (119:57-64).
  • Stanza 9 (Teth): Those who are afflicted by the discipline of the Lord will learn how good His instruction is (119:65-72).
  • Stanza 10 (Yodh): Those who receive comfort from the Lord’s faithful love will delight in His Word (119:73-80).
  • Stanza 11 (Kaph): Those who grow weary and discouraged should put their hope in the Lord’s salvation and His Word (119:81-88).
  • Stanza 12 (Lamedh): Those who trust in the Lord’s perfect and powerful Word delight in His teachings (119:89-96).
  • Stanza 13 (Mem): Those who love the Lord’s instruction meditate on it all day long (119:97-104).
  • Stanza 14 (Nun): Those who keep the Lord’s righteous judgments find it to be a lamp for their feet and a light for their path (119:105-112).
  • Stanza 15 (Samekh): Those who reject the wicked trust in the Lord and love His Word (119:113-120).
  • Stanza 16 (Ayin): Those who are servants of the Lord are marked by justice, righteousness and a love for God’s Word (119:121-128).
  • Stanza 17 (Pe): Those who find God’s Word wonderful weep over those who don’t (119:129-136).
  • Stanza 18 (Tsadhe): Those who are zealous for the righteous God acknowledge His righteousness is an everlasting righteousness (119:137-144).
  • Stanza 19 (Qoph): Those who call on the Lord to save them will call on Him early and know He is near (119:145-152).
  • Stanza 20 (Resh): Those who need to be rescued by the Lord will ask Him to be their champion as they love His Word (119:153-160)
  • Stanza 21 (Sin and Shin):  Those who are persecuted will fear, rejoice, love and praise the Lord for His Word that gives them abundant peace (119:161-168).
  • Stanza 22 (Taw): Those who cry out to the Lord as their Shepherd can ask Him to help them according to his promise (119:169-176).