What I’m Reading – 10/2/14

Below are some links to a few things I’ve been reading, listening to, or watching recently (along with a few comments).

  • Joshua Project – Every day I receive and read the email blasts from the Joshua Project. Reading these emails reminds me of the lostness of the world and the bigness of the task of fulfilling the Great Commission. They also help me remember that lost people matter to God and that he has promised to redeem people from every people, tribe, tongue and nation including, the one I am reading about and praying for today.
  • “Killing of John Crawford: Injustice for All” – It is not difficult to see that America still has a race problem. The senseless deaths of too many black men (and women) is simple undeniable. This is a fair and noteworthy article. Read it and check your own heart and prejudices, especially if you are a follower of the Lord Jesus. Getting race right should be easier for the church than the culture. Why are we not leading the way?
  • Since I am preaching through Revelation at my local church on Wednesday nights, I am listening to Carson, Platt, Dever and Beale as part of my sermon preparation. Why? As a pre-trib/pre-mil guy, I wanted to listen to those I respectfully disagree with! It has been a very good exercise.