What I’m Reading – 11/23/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out.

  • “What My Daddy Has Given Me,” by David Rogers — The son of Adrian Rogers, one of my greatest personal and ministry heroes, shared his reflections on what his dad taught him through his exemplary life. Adrian Rogers died ten years ago last week, and these words are worth reflecting on again.
  • “Evangelical Groups Urge Compassion for Syrian Refugees,” by Leonardo Blair — The Syrian refugee crisis is surely one of the great moral trials of our time, and Christians of good will are divided on the issue. Still, one thing that all Christians can and must agree on is that compassion must factor into the moral equation.
  • “Natural Theology in Christian Thought,” by Jamie Dew and Steve McKinion — Jamie Dew, dean of the College at Southeastern, and SEBTS professor Steve McKinion discuss the role and possibility of natural theology in Christian thought and apologetics.
  • “How I Work: An Interview with Thomas Kidd” — Kidd is a fine model of a thoughtful Christians doing excellent scholarship. Here he describes his manner and methods of accomplishing so much while balancing work, family, and church responsibilities. Some helpful stuff here!
  • “7 Concerns for Young Churches and Their Leaders,” by Chuck Lawless — One of the encouraging trends among younger believers, particularly in the Southern Baptist Convention, is the emphasis on planting churches. With this strength comes certain dangers, though, and Chuck Lawless gives some helpful and friendly cautions to those who are in young churches and leading as young people.