What I’m Reading – 12/16/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out.

  • “No Room for Sanity at the Inn: Stifling Democratic Debate over Same-Sex Marriage,” by Anthony Esolen — The author summarizes the dilemma he sees in contemporary dialogue about contentious issues like same-sex marriage: “Democracy and common sense teach us to seek the truth by listening to one another. If we will not even provide a room for people who want to talk with one another because we do not like what they say, then democracy is impossible.”
  • “America’s dividing line: Thoughts, prayers and belief in a transcendent God,” by John Inazu — The author argues in light of the tragedies from the last several weeks that “our culture is fractured not only politically, but also along the transcendence line: The line divides those who believe in a God who intervenes in the world and those who do not.” This is, indeed, a significant and deep dividing line!