What I’m Reading – 3/20/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy perusing.

  • “4 Ways Jesus Second Coming Changes Us Now,” by J. D. Greear – JD argues from the Scriptures that Jesus’ return should give us spiritual alertness, missional urgency, power to forgive, and hope in suffering. The entire piece is worth reading.
  • “When Africa Bleeds,” by Timothy George – A sobering article by Beeson Divinity School dean Timothy George, in which he notes the relative lack of interest in the terrorism efforts of Boko Haram compared to the media’s outrage at similar acts of terrorism in Europe.
  • Every Square Inch, by Bruce Ashford – My good friend and colleague has written this brief and extremely helpful “introduction to cultural engagement for Christians” that will serve everyone from the stay at home mom to the corporate CEO. Below is the endorsement I contributed to the work.
    • “Bruce Ashford has a real gift to take complicated concepts and put them in words all of us can understand. In EVERY SQUARE INCH he does just this as he helps us to think Christianly and comprehensively for the glory of Christ in all things. I will be recommending this book for those who want to cultivate a Christian worldview way of thinking and living.”