What I’m Reading – 3/24/17

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out.

  • “Does God Love Everyone the Same?,” (Jeff Robinson, TGC) — This is a tricky question that many Christian wrestle with. Robinson draws on the wisdom of Don Carson to help us think biblically about this issue.
  • “Major Christian Charity Is Closing India Operations Amid a Crackdown,” (Ellen Barry and Suhasini Raj, NYT) — “India’s crackdown on foreign aid will claim its most prominent casualty this month, as a Colorado-based Christian charity [Compassion International] that is one of India’s biggest donors closes its operations here after 48 years, informing tens of thousands of children that they will no longer receive meals, medical care or tuition payments.” Many are not aware of India’s recent religious tightening, but they should be. Many children will be harmed if this continues.