What I’m Reading – 5/12/17

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out.

  • Revitalize: Biblical Keys to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again, (Andy Davis) — This book by my friend Andy Davis came out recently, and it is superb. Here is the endorsement I was pleased to write for it: “This is s really good book in so many ways. Pastor Andy Davis is humble and honest, biblical and practical as he helps us understand what is required to turn around a dying church. And, he is an excellent writer which makes reading REVITALIZE a joy. I will refer to this book again and again in the future because it is s fount of wisdom. I cannot commend it highly enough.”
  • “Museum of the Bible Prepares for DC Opening,” (Jennifer G. Hickey, Fox News) — From the article: “Just three blocks south of the Capitol, the privately funded museum is set to open this November. Though it may seem out of place next to the well-known museums on American history, air and space and more, those behind the project describe it as a future attraction that will draw in a range of visitors through a blend of historical and religious artifacts and interactive exhibits.”
  • The Money Challenge: 30 Days of Discovering God’s Design For You and Your Money, (Art Rainer) — Another excellent book that will be a blessing to many. My endorsement: “The Money Challenge by Art Rainer is an excellent book on how to be financially responsible. The 3-fold challenge to give generously, save wisely and live appropriately is mapped out in clear, practical and obtainable steps. God designed us to be generous and wise with our resources. This short and easy to read work will help you get there. I am delighted to commend it to you.”