What I’m Reading – 5/29/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy perusing.

  • Defending Substitution, review by Thomas Schreiner — Schreiner, a formidable NT scholar in his own right, reviews Simon Gathercole’s new book on the concept of substitution in the Apostle Paul’s writings. The review is worth reading, in it looks like the book is as well.
  • Unleashed: Being Conformed to the Image of Christ, by Eric Mason — I’ve enjoyed reading this forthcoming book from Eric Mason on how God, through the gospel, is making us look more and more like Jesus. It releases in August. Here is my endorsement for the book:

“UNLEASHED is a biblically balanced and theologically faithful study of the doctrine of sanctification by my friend Eric Mason. Any believer seeking to grow in being conformed to the image of Jesus will be blessed and helped by this work.”