What I’m Reading – 9/21/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out.

“Carl F.H. Henry is a writing mentor to me. He has significantly shaped my thinking in a number of areas. Like Francis Schaeffer, I fear losing him to a generation that desperately needs to hear both their voices. This book will go a long ways in helping contemporary evangelicals understand why they need to know this man and delve into his writings. It will stretch them intellectually. It will guide them spiritually. And, it will greatly aid them in not repeating mistakes from the past, mistakes already uncovered and handled by this princely theologian.”

  • “5 Ways to Talk to Your Children About Death,” by Jeff Robinson — Rather than beating around the bush or being blunt, as you would with an adult, the author lays out 5 fundamental truths about death that help parents lead their children to think about death from a biblical perspective.
  • “The Preacher’s Neglected Tool,” by Gavin Ortlund — Ortlund interviews respected preacher and author Graeme Goldsworthy about how preachers can use the discipline of biblical theology to help preach Christ-centered messages.
  • “Blaming Our Bodies When the Problem Is Us,” by Ken Keathley — Keathley quotes from C. S. Lewis and explains that a holistic view of humanity requires us to realize that sin is truly in us, not simply something our fallen bodies make us do. A short but helpful reminder of our need for redemption.