How to Fight Anger (Video)

I was privileged to sit down with Miguel Núñez and Bill Kynes for the Gospel Coalition and discuss how believers can fight sinful anger by the power of the gospel. This is often an “acceptable” sin, yet the Scriptures warn about it so strongly. We must fight, but we must fight in the strength God... Read More

What I’m Reading – 6/9/17

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out. “Supreme Court rejects appeal from Marine over religious liberty,” (Fox News) — “At issue was the extent a federal law on religious freedom protects members of the armed forces like Monifa Sterling, who continued posting biblical verses at... Read More

16 Commitments for a Faithful Ministry of Preaching

Whenever I teach my students the practice of biblical exposition, I always challenge them to develop their convictions about preaching and let those guide and shape their preaching ministry. I have done so myself. In class, I explain the following 16 commitments that I believe a pastor or preacher should have in the ministry of... Read More
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