How TGC (and Other Similar Groups) Can Benefit Your Church and Ministry

I will have the privilege of speaking (with David Dockery) at The Gospel Coalition’s 2015 National Conference (#TGC15) on “Church Leadership: The 4-Fold Calling as Pastor, Theologian, Missionary, Evangelist.” The theme of the conference—which will be held in Orlando, FL from April 13–15—is Coming Home: New Heaven and New Earth.

I am thankful for The Gospel Coalition and other similar groups. Partnerships of various kinds are excellent opportunities to grow, learn, and minister together for the sake of the gospel. We have an embarrassment of riches in the West right now when it comes to groups like this. Below are just a few ways I can think TGC (and other similar groups) can benefit your church and ministry.

  • They can help you think well (biblically) about the gospel and its implications.
  • They can facilitate building networks with like-minded brothers and sisters.
  • They can set up gatherings that provide time for encouragement, edification, and worship.
  • They can provide workshops to address important subjects related to ministry.
  • They can provide exposure to some of the Church’s very best teachers.
  • They can help Christians and churches tackle tough and relevant issue of the day.

There is no virtue—indeed there is great danger—in going about the work of ministry alone. If you are a church leader, I encourage you to take advantages of groups like TGC, church planting networks, local associations, and national conventions that will strengthen you and your church for more effective ministry.