SBC Pastoral Care Line

Despite what many laypersons think, pastoral ministry can be a lonely vocation. Many pastors tackle one crisis after another, shouldering the burdens and details of others’ issues, often with no one to turn to for help and encouragement. Of course, there is immeasurable joy in pastoral ministry, but the trials still remain.

That is why I’m excited for the new Pastoral Care Line that has been set up by a partnership between the North American Mission Board and Focus on the Family. This call line, staffed by counselors and chaplains at Focus on the Family, is totally free and completely confidential. No specific information about a pastor or his church is ever shared with NAMB. And, depending on the level of need, the telephone counselors can even connect a pastor with a licensed counselor or psychologist in their area.

The number is 1-844-PASTOR1 and it is available (in English and Spanish) from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time every weekday. It is open to any SBC minister in need and to ministry wives.

So, if you are an SBC pastor or ministry leader, make a note of this number and take advantage of this excellent resource for our family of churches.