What I’m Reading 10/27/2017

Below are some of the articles I’ve read recently that I think you may enjoy checking out.

Also, in case you missed them, The Gospel Coalition recently posted several articles on the Reformation.

  • The Luther Family and the Reformation of Marriage (Jeff Robinson TGC) Robins briefly tells the story of Martin and Katie Luther’s relationship and why it’s important 500 years later.
  • Justification = Faith + Nothing (Thomas Schreiner TGC) Schreiner asks, “Does sola fide still matter today? Is the notion of justification by faith alone just a relic of days gone by, reflecting a nostalgia for a previous time?” I’m in agreement with his final answer.
  • 4 Ways the Reformation Changed the Church (Alex Duke TGC) “Post-Reformation, faithful pastors no longer try to impart grace or effect salvation in any way. They merely lift eyes to the cross and all the heavenly blessings therein.”