What I’m Reading – 1/20/17

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy checking out.

  • “Top Divinity Schools: Use Gender-Neutral Language to Refer to God,” (Katherine Timpf) — According to the article, “The divinity schools at Duke and Vanderbilt Universities have instructed their professors to start using more ‘inclusive’ language when referring to God because the masculine pronouns ‘have served as a cornerstone of the patriarchy.’” This is a sad but unsurprising development.
  • “Girl, 11, with cystic fibrosis to sing at 3rd NFL game,” (Jeff DiVeronica, USA Today) — “Her strong Christian faith gives her confidence, but she also believes in herself because Brianna and her family think God gave her a gift so it can be shared. He gave her an uplifting voice that even cystic fibrosis can’t silence. The fact that she has the incurable disease, which reduces her lung function, makes people marvel even more at the beauty and strength of her voice.”