What I’m Reading – 2/20/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy perusing.

“I have wanted a book like this for much of my own preaching ministry because I sensed something was missing. Steven Smith has filled that void and rendered a valuable service to pastors and churches everywhere in this work. Genre was too long a neglected aspect of preaching, even expository preaching. Walking us through the entire corpus of Scripture, this professor of preaching shows us clearly how the substance and the structure of a text should shape the substance and structure of the sermon. Why we did not see this all along I do not know. With the publication of this book, we no longer have an excuse!

  • “Why Is the Number of the Beast 666?” by Greg Beale – As I am preaching through Revelation at my own local church on Wednesday nights, articles like this have been very helpful. Beale says that in this verse, John is exhorting the saints to exercise spiritual and moral discernment.
  • “They Loved Not Their Lives…,” by Will Taylor – An SEBTS student reflects on the 21 Egyptian martyrs and the call for missionaries to mimic their devotion to Jesus above all else.