What I’m Reading – 2/27/15

Below are some of the articles and books I’ve read recently that you may enjoy perusing.

  • “What ISIS Really Wants,” by Graeme Wood – This long but fascinating article has made big waves over the last few weeks, and for good reason. Wood argues that rather than being a gang of mad men, ISIS is operating from a deeply theological and apocalyptic vision that we must pay attention to if we want to know how to beat them.

“STRONGER is genuinely authentic, brutally honest, and refreshingly transparent. It is also painful and yet healing, sorrowful and yet hopeful. Many will be encouraged and helped by a book where my friend Clayton King lays bare his soul and, in the process, shows us the wonderful grace and mercy of God that is available to all who run to Him as Father.”

  • “C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism,” – by David J. Theroux – Almost any thoughtful analysis of C. S. Lewis is worth the time, and this one is no different. This video comes from last fall’s conference of Christians for Liberty at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX and is presented by the C.S. Lewis Society of California.